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PDI Podcast "A Prayer Life PRT1" 08012017
PDI Podcast "Smarter than Harder PRT4" 05022017
PDI Podcast "Smarter than Harder PRT3" 04122017
PDI Podcast "Smarter than Harder PRT2" 040217
PDI Podcast "Smarter than Harder PRT1" 031717
Bible Study "2 Judgments" 06/18/2016
Bible Study "Being Holy Ghost Filled" 05/03/2016
Bible Study "Faith In God" 03/29/2016
Fear Factor is in response to the recent shootings of 2 more Black unarmed men by White Police Officers and a subsequent shooting of 5 Police Officers by on armed Black male. Many Black men are in fear for their lives; and many White Police Officers are in fear for theirs. America